About Us


Mi No Farina was created with love. A travel essentials brand that creates multi functional products for women. 

Mi No Farina was birth by the grace of God. Mi No Farina pronounced Mi No Farinah - in patois (Jamaican dialect), means I am not a foreigner.  Everywhere you go you will always find something from that place that you can relate to and that makes you feel connected, hence the term Mi No Farina!

We are subtle and thoughtful in our designs.  You don't need a plane ticket to own one of our products. We designed each piece with versatility in mind, whether you work from home and just need to run an errand or you have an around the world tour booked, Mi No Farina is guaranteed to add value to your experience. We aim to keep our customers with the utmost satisfaction by providing quality products. 

About Racky

Racky is a born and raised Jamaican who loves traveling. Throughout her years of exploring cultures and countries, one thing Racky wanted on these trips was the ability to travel without baggage issues. Mi No Farina is a brand birth out of a need for chic travel products a woman can use in multiple ways. When not traveling Racky enjoys time at home with family or connecting via live videos with the Mi No Farina family on social media!